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Health libraries and the librarians who staff them aim to facilitate informed decision making in health care, research, education and administration. Effective use of libraries can contribute to the knowledge and efficiency of professionals working in hospitals and other organisations. The following links provide access to NSW Health Library portals.

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  • Librarians - Frequently Asked Questions
  • How often are my Saved Searches updated?

    The AutoAlert (saved searches) are run automatically each time the database is updated. You will find that the databases are updated at different time intervals. Update frequencies are listed for the following databases:

    • Journals@Ovid Full Text - four times a week
    • Embase - weekly
    • PREMEDLINE - daily
    • MEDLINE - weekly
    • PsycINFO - weekly

    The latest updates include all records that have been indexed since the previous update. Each database publisher is responsible for what is included in that update.

    What is the Ovid timeout for CIAP?

    The timeout is a period of inactivity after which Ovid system automatically closes a session. A timeout period of 15 minutes has been agreed for CIAP users.

    Timing out inactive sessions frees up idle licences. It is important to note that Ovid starts measuring this inactive time from the last time an Ovid button was pressed to process a command (Ticking boxes on a record display page does not count as interaction).

  • Article Requests
  • Locating Journals and Journal Articles

    Numerous journals in the CIAP databases (e.g. Medline, Maternity & Infant Care, Embase, ProQuest, PsycINFO) do not have full-text access via CIAP or the Internet.

    Your hospital library may hold a print subscription or have other means of obtaining the document for you. Documents can often be obtained through document delivery. Contact your Local Health District library to enquire whether a journal is held or to request that they obtain a document for you.

    Document Delivery

    Due to an exception to copyright laws, libraries are entitled to supply copies of journal articles when another library requests them.

    Many libraries around Australia share information about which journals they hold through participation in various networks. This allows for faster location and delivery of articles between libraries. To find out whether you are able to request this service from your own library, please contact library staff directly.

    In general, libraries do not supply articles directly to individuals making a phone or mail request, and many health libraries do not grant access to individuals from outside their own Local Health District.

    Commercial Document Suppliers

    Commercial document suppliers provide an alternative or supplement to document delivery. Some of these include Infotrieve, CarlUncover, and the British Library. They are useful for fast, fixed-cost delivery or for obtaining documents not available in Australia. Many libraries already use their services. Most companies will also offer their services to individuals who are willing to pay.

    Requesting an Article from Within the Ovid Databases

    When searching or browsing within the Ovid databases on CIAP, you may see a link to an online form that allows a document delivery or photocopy from a print journal to be ordered directly.