About this module

The ability to search for evidence is essential to the process of evidence-based practice. Health practitioners have a responsibility to stay in touch with the latest clinical evidence in order to support best practice in clinical decision making. The ability to differentiate between primary and secondary sources of evidence, formulate a searchable question, and construct a search strategy are requirements for this module. These skills are explored in Module 1 and Module 2.

The learning outcomes in this module are designed to help CIAP users ‘Acquire the Evidence’ by conducting an appropriate and effective search in a citation database.

The Ovid database platform is used for demonstration purposes in this module. Ovid databases include MEDLINE, Embase, PsycINFO, Joanna Briggs Institute, and Maternity and Infant Care.

The time taken to complete this module will differ by individual, but the average time estimate is between 2 – 3 hours (including additional reading and videos).

Acknowledgements: This module has been reviewed in collaboration with the CIAP Modules Review Working Group 2016, comprising members of the CIAP Knowledge Management Reference Group, CIAP Clinical Champions, and specialist advisors. Special thanks are given to the original collaborators who developed this learning module.