About this module

This module is the last in a series of four and has been designed to assist clinicians and managers with the last 3 steps of evidence-based practice (EBP), notably, to ‘Appraise the Evidence’, ‘Apply the Evidence’, and ‘Assess the Effects’ of change in practice. Module 2 focused on the first step of EBP, ‘Ask the Question’, and Module 3 covered the second step of EBP, ‘Acquire the Evidence’.

The learning outcomes in this module are directed at achieving the broader goal of clinicians and managers basing decisions and care on the best available evidence. Whilst these learning outcomes are not specific to CIAP they are fundamental to achieving the NSW Health system goals of delivering high quality services and managing health services well.

The time taken to complete this module will differ between individuals, but the average time estimate is 2-3 hours (including additional reading and videos).

Acknowledgements: This module has been reviewed in collaboration with the CIAP Modules Review Working Group 2016, comprising members of the CIAP Knowledge Management Reference Group, CIAP Clinical Champions, and specialist advisors. Special thanks are given to the original collaborators who developed this learning module.