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Clinical Information Access Portal (CIAP)

CIAP provides access to clinical information and resources to support evidence-based practice at the point of care.

CIAP is available to all staff working in the NSW public health system.


CIAP Events CIAP Events

For detailed information see the CIAP Learning Centre.

CIAP Newsletter

CIAP News August Edition Now Available

The August edition of the monthly CIAP Newsletter is now available.

The newsletter contains information about CIAP resources to try, tips and tricks in Gems on CIAP, information about CIAP education events and an Article in Focus for you to browse. To view the newsletter or to subscribe to receive it directly to your inbox each month, click on the CIAP Newsletter button from the right column on CIAP.

4th August 2015

CIAP logo

Mobile Resources

The CIAP website has a responsive design, making it easy to view on your smartphone or tablet.

You can browse the CIAP website on your mobile device if you have an internet connection. You will require a 'My CIAP Account' to access the resources when browsing this way, which you can create from a work computer by selecting 'My CIAP Account' from the top of the CIAP homepage.

Many of the CIAP resources are also available via downloadable apps for your mobile device. A new easy to navigate mobile help page lists all the apps available and provides detailed instructions for how to download, access, renew and manage a range of apps provided by CIAP resources and other NSW Health Agencies. Navigate to, and select 'Mobile' from the top menu bar to view.

A new detailed Apps Download user guide can be found in the Learning Centre located in the top menu bar on CIAP.

30th July, 2015

Continuing Professional Development


Information about how CIAP can contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is now available.

CIAP provides a diverse range of learning activities to facilitate your CPD. Information about these activities, and methods of documentation can now be found by clicking the CIAP for CPD icon on the homepage.

7th April, 2015

Natural Medicines

Now Available: PEMSoft Mobile

CIAP users are now able to download PEMSoft Mobile for their Apple and Android devices.

The PEMSoft Mobile app is now available through CIAP Mobile to NSW Health staff. PEMSoft Mobile (or Paediatric Emergency Medicine Software) provides convenient mobile access to paediatric diagnostic tools and clinical information. For information on installing and activating the app please visit the Android Apps Help or the iApps Help pages and select PEMSoft Mobile from the list.

13th February, 2015

Natural Medicines

Now Available: Natural Medicines

Formerly known as Natural Standard and the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database, Natural Medicines combines features from both these resources and is now available through CIAP.

Features include an interaction checker to check interactions between all drugs and over 90,000 commercial dietary supplements and natural ingredients, and an effectiveness checker to provide a quick comparison of the effectiveness of different natural medicines for a specific condition. Each product is rated with the Natural Medicines Brand Evidence-based Rating (NMBER) to provide a simple rating of safely, effectiveness and product quality.

Providing patient handouts, a pregnancy and lactation checker, and including topics on health and wellbeing and sports medicine, Natural Medicines is a useful resource for finding evidence on dietary supplements, natural medicines, and complementary, alternative and integrative therapies.

To access, click on the Medications tab on CIAP and select Natural Medicines.

10th February, 2015

MIMS for Android

Available Now: MIMS for Android

CIAP users are now able to download MIMS for their Android devices.

The MIMS for Android is now available through CIAP Mobile to NSW Health staff Google Play subscribers. For information on installing and activating the app please visit Support & Contact > CIAP Mobile > Android Apps and select MIMS for Android from the list.

1st October, 2014

AMH Children's Dosing Companion

Now Available: AMH Children’s Dosing Companion

CIAP users are now able to access the Australian Medicines Handbook (AMH) Children’s Dosing Companion.

Organised by drug name, it provides detailed dosing information for individual drugs that are available and prescribed in Australia. Dosages arranged by indication and/or age grouping. Covering infants to 18 years, the AMH Children’s Dosing companion provides specific information relating to each drug’s paediatric use and provides additional information through links to the Australian Medicines Handbook.

To access, click the Medications tab on CIAP and select AMH Children’s Dosing Companion.

1st July, 2014

Cochrane Clinical Answers

Available Now: Cochrane Clinical Answers

CIAP users are now able to access Cochrane Clinical Answers.

Providing independent, high quality evidence, Cochrane Clinical Answers contains answers to questions from over 15 different specialty topics. Simply click on the topic to view all related questions and answers. Each answer provides the opportunity to access evidence from relevant Cochrane Reviews and links through to the full review where possible. It focuses on patient-centered outcomes, which enables clinicians to apply the results of Cochrane reviews in practice.

To access, click on Evidence-Based Practice on the CIAP homepage and then select Cochrane Clinical Answers.

1st July, 2014


Available Now: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is now available on CIAP.

The American Psychiatric Association's (APA) classification and diagnostic tool, DSM-5, serves as a universal authority for psychiatric diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

To access, click on Books from the left menu on the CIAP homepage and navigate to the full book list, then select Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5).

1st July, 2014

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