Rapid critical appraisal of an RCT

Critical appraisal frameworks are designed to explore specific elements of different types of studies. For the sake of clarity, in this section we will only present one method of critical appraisal for an RCT, and will work through the process step by step.

In the next few pages we will look at the scenario where you are working in an aged care facility and you are concerned at the number of falls that are experienced by the residents. You are looking for evidence-based interventions aimed at reducing falls in people over 65 years in aged care facilities.

Try to think of an answer to the questions as you go through the three steps in this section. Check your responses and receive further information by clicking on the answer icon to check your answer at each step.

Read the paper by Spink MJ, et al., and keep it available as you work your way through the process of critical appraisal on the next pages. You might want to print out the paper at this stage. [5]