About this module

Welcome to the Clinical Information Access Portal’s (CIAP’s) eLearning program. CIAP provides access to clinical information and resources to support evidence-based practice at the point of care.

Module 1 is the first of four modules of a learning program designed to help you progress your level of knowledge in utilising evidence to facilitate evidence-based practice, and to improve patient outcomes. The steps of evidence-based practice are covered in the next three modules, including ‘Ask the Question’ (Module 2); ‘Acquire the Evidence’ (Module 3); and ‘Appraise the Evidence’, ‘Apply the Evidence’, and ‘Assess the Effects’ (Module 4).

This module discusses the concept of ‘evidence-based practice’, which is the process of ‘integrating the best available research evidence with clinical expertise and the patient's unique values and circumstances’. This may include identifying, searching, retrieving, and appraising information from a range of diverse resources.

This module also discusses the sources and levels of evidence including primary and secondary forms of evidence and where they can be located on CIAP. Two online videos are provided to help you navigate the CIAP homepage, learn about the resources available on CIAP, and identify where to locate primary and secondary evidence. These videos are useful for new CIAP users or those seeking information about resources and features that CIAP has to offer.

The time taken to complete this module will differ by individual, but the average time estimate is between 2 – 3 hours (including additional reading and videos).

Acknowledgements: This module has been reviewed in collaboration with the CIAP Modules Review Working Group 2016, comprising members of the CIAP Knowledge Management Reference Group, CIAP Clinical Champions, and specialist advisors. Special thanks are given to the original collaborators who developed this learning module.