About this module

The ability to locate evidence for the purpose of improving outcomes for patients is essential to evidence-based practice. Module 1 discussed the concept of ‘evidence-based practice’, which includes the first step of ‘Ask the Question’. This requires the ability to formulate a searchable question and build a search strategy.

The learning outcomes in this module are directed at helping CIAP users make initial decisions about searching for evidence and selecting the most appropriate types of information to support clinical practice.

In terms of providing high quality healthcare, clinicians, educators, and managers have a responsibility to stay in touch with research evidence in order to integrate the best available evidence as a part of all clinical decision making.

Specific skills in acquiring the evidence including database searching techniques are discussed in Module 3.

The time taken to complete this module will differ by individual, but the average time estimate is 2 - 3 hours (including additional reading and videos).

Acknowledgements: This module has been reviewed in collaboration with the CIAP Modules Review Working Group 2016, comprising members of the CIAP Knowledge Management Reference Group, CIAP Clinical Champions, and specialist advisors. Special thanks are given to the original collaborators who developed this learning module.