This module has introduced you to important concepts to begin your search for evidence to support evidence-based practice and improve patient outcomes. If you have worked your way sequentially through this module you will now have formulated a precise clinical question and developed a search strategy that includes relevant search terms and their variations, as well as ways to refine and limit your search. In Module 1, the different sources of evidence were outlined and the most appropriate resources to search on CIAP were identified. In Module 3, techniques to apply your well formulated question and search strategy to a citation database will be explored.

Review the Learning Outcomes for this module and reflect on the learning you have achieved. You might like to reflect on the following questions and/or consider your own:

  • Have I achieved the learning outcomes, and how well?
  • How will I apply my learning to my work or study?
  • What is my plan moving forward? (For example, create a PICO question, begin my research, share my learning, move on to Module 3, start a literature search, and so on)

Put this learning into practice by going to Module 3 to begin searching for information on a citation database.